About Us


Established in 2011, The Millionaires Closet is a young luxury store run by Mona –a wife, mother of 3 and a soccer mom in the truest sense of the expression!!! As my children have become more self sufficient, I decided to pursue my shared passion in style and fashion. Simply put, my aspirations are not to be the biggest store on eBay but rather to become your trusted partner.
To my sellers, I partner in reselling your new & gently used luxury merchandise.


Why? Because women need more space in their closets to bring in the new trends as each season passes and liberate ourselves of the goodies that just aren’t us anymore. To my savvy buyers, who did not want to pay retail for their wares, I bring you merchandise that’s in excellent shape and has adorned another glam fashionista.


So if you have luxury clothing, handbags, shoes, accessories or jewelry; I will help you manage your closet. If you have a desire for such items, I have merchandise that compliments your lifestyle.
What differentiates me is my passion for product, my keen eye for style and my promise that I will treat your merchandise just like my own.