Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The Millionaires Closet is an all-inclusive service that specializes in selling your new & lightly used luxury wares to help create space in your closet for all the new things that deserve to be in it. We take your items on a consignment basis, and based on our know-how, try to obtain the best value across several channels such as eBay, through resellers, private showings, and partner programs.

It’s all done with the utmost care for your privacy and your convenience. And that’s not all we do; we also can shop for you and serve as your style consultant. The Millionaires Closet is about clearing your closet of the clutter – that nagging bag that stares at you proclaiming how expensive it was when you bought it and how little you have used it, or those wonderful shoes that hurt too much on the first wear, or the dress that defined you yesterday but is just not you today. Most importantly, The Millionaires Closet is about making room for the next season’s fashions.

The Millionaires Closet offers Luxury Consignment, Upfront Purchasing, and Personal Shopping services. To learn more about them, click here!

We come to you, anywhere in the Tri-State area (NY-NJ-CT) and in the comfort of your home, help you sort through your swag. Be it designer clothes, luxury bags, shoes, accessories or jewelry, we help you through it all. And we are not shy to point out things that still look good on you and that you should keep them.

After we have picked up your clothing & accessories, our first step is to authenticate the merchandise. Make sure it is what we will claim it to be on your behalf. Then we spend some time researching the product – when did it sell, is it still available in retail, what other similar goods have sold for, and what maybe the right channel to sell the product.

Behind the scenes, there is inventory, product write-ups, photography, pricing, merchandising, packaging, shipping, billing, collections and an amazing amount of follow-up questions from potential buyers about the product itself. You do not have to worry about any of this.

As an added service to our repeat patrons, we serve as your style consultants, help organize your closet and even go shopping for you.

Foremost, we protect your privacy. No one gets to know that you were the original owner of anything that you may sell or consign with us.

All items are stripped of identifying information. Any identifying information on authenticity documentation is redacted, and ownership information is held in the strictest confidence.

After the product is sold, we carefully pack and ship your product and ensure payments. Once we have collected the proceeds we send you your share of the sale (60% YOURS and 40% TMC).

Not sell? In such cases, you have a choice: Unsold items are returned to you or if you would like us to, we donate it to charity. The donation provides you a tax-write-off.

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